What I Predict From a Biden Administration

After Joe Biden was declared the winner of the White House on November 7th, many Republicans were in awe as they perceived a Trump Victory as highly likely with enthusiasm. However, polls underestimated in states such as Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania proved many Trump supporters wrong when the results came through. This left many Trump supporters to wonder what a Biden Administration would look like and afraid for the right reasons pertaining to many of Biden’s campaign promises such as infringing on the Second Amendment. However, I can foresee what it will be in reality in one instance.

The average person who pays careful attention will probably notice that Biden will likely attempt to recruit Republicans to create a “Unity Cabinet” with many establishment Republicans like neoconservatives and those from the Lincoln Project. It will be likely to see someone like John Kasich serving in it as Cindy McCain, widow of Senator John McCain, is already being eyed for the position of ambassador to the United Kingdom. It is also possible as a prediction to see other Republicans such as Michael Steele, Jeff Flake, and even Jeb Bush serve in the administration at one point as they were considered to be among the most prominent Republicans to be very vocal against the Trump Administration.

I also predict that AOC and her “Squad” will be launching criticism towards the Biden Administration as he will take a more bipartisan approach to achieving his agenda as he will need moderate Republicans more than very progressive Democrats because they would be very vocal against him. The news media will also not display attentiveness towards the Squad as they will not be interested in stories that are labeled as anti-Biden as opposed to stories surrounding the theme of “Orange Man Bad.” These is also the evident truth that antiwar Democrats, whom were popular during the Bush Administration, were dissolved after Obama was elected President in 2008 and showed that the media was not interested in stories vocal against the Obama Administration. There is also the fact that the squad is even likely to dissolve as the upcoming progressive members of the next Congress will have their own agendas and they are already being divided as the issue of who should obtain the COVID-19 vaccine first.

Columnist and journalist Glenn Greenwald will also prove the fact that the Biden Administration was in a way of restoring some form of the Bush-Biden uni-party as they both have records of supporting the second Iraq War and Biden supporting the controversial 1994 Crime Bill along with many other policies that many Trump supporters would be very opposed to. This also shows that the American people do not truly want “bipartisan”, but they are disgusted with both sides of the isle and Biden will seek to unite these people on the center.

Throughout the Biden Administration, the dim-witted West Wing nostalgia act will fail to excite the American People and President Trump will be at his hotel in New York or at Mar-a-Logo playing golf and tweeting constant criticism of Biden, Democrats, and even Republicans who will try to be very convivial towards Biden during the four years. It could prompt President Trump to run again as he has possibly hinted at a potential run in 2024 or another prominent Republican that was a close ally of his such as Representative Matt Gaetz or Senator Josh Hawley. There is also the possible event of a financial crisis during the upcoming administration as Biden has promised to raise taxes and implement many unconstructive regulations and tax increases, especially during a pandemic that has destroyed thousands of jobs and businesses, which would possibly prompt a Republican victory in the White House.



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Luis Ortiz

Luis Ortiz

FTCC Alumni 20' , Politico, UNCC, former campaign and party employee, science fiction aficionado.